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The Golden Shovel is awarded to an individual(s). It is a recognition of the hard work it takes to create a yard or garden of beauty, they make Fourth & Gill gorgeous!

golden shovel 1.png
Nichols at 617 Deery Golden Shovel.jpg
the nichols on deery
Cindy & Dave on Lovenia.jpg
cindy & dave on lovenia
spring golden shovel - kaye and allen.jpeg
key & allen on luttrell
golden shovel holiday Emily, Michael, and Gus on Luttrell, also known as Candy Cane Lane.j
emily & michael on luttrell
celia on gratz.jpg
celia on gratz
2020 Summer Edition of the Golden Shovel winners were Gabrielle Boudreau and Gordon Coker.
gabrielle & gordon on eleanor
nina golden shovel 2021 fall.png
nina on caswell
jamie & mike on luttrell.jpg
jamie & mike on luttell
2021 summer Gerry and Graciela.png
graciela & gerry on gratz
F02020 all Edition winner was Kimberly and Steve Lukacz,.png
kimberly & steve on caswell
susan & dan on luttrell.JPG
susan & dan on luttrell
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